Follow My Voice: A Blind Man's Journey on Kayak: A group of strangers, each with their own disability, seeks adventure on an uninhabited Mexican island, and finds a great deal more.”

American Way, February 2018 by Brent Crane

From the article: “Now, at age 60, Glass is taking the learning process to its extreme, embarking on a seven-day adventure with Environmental Traveling Companions, a San Francisco-based travel outfitter for people with disabilities, and No Barriers, a disabled-empowerment organization out of Colorado.” 

"Blind kayaker envisions voyage through Bosporus Strait" San Francisco Examiner (December 24, 2017) by Sarahbeth Maney  

From the article "...Diane Poslosky, executive director of Environmental Traveling Companions, said Ustunel has utilized his own ability to sense distant sound. She recalled her first 'aha' moment with Ustunel on a boating trip in Baja. He kept saying, ‘Do you hear that? It’s like a roar,’ and the next thing I knew, there were around 300 dolphins coming our way.”

"Course offered on salmon and steelhead in the Sierra" The Union, (September 4, 2017) 

From the article: “…weekend field trips will cap off the course to learn from the experts while observing the local Chinook spawning run in person. Field trips include the South Yuba River Citizen League's Salmon Tour experience where participants will raft down the lower Yuba River, with raft guides from Environmental Traveling Companions, to experience all of the salmon spawning action firsthand.”

“José González on Growing Latino Outdoors: Latino Outdoors is a familiar part of the California conservation landscape. Now its founder is ready for LO to take its place alongside the Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy” by Victor Reyes on June 28, 2017, Bay Nature (July – September, 2017)

From the article: “What looks like an introductory kayaking trip to some is a cultural expedition for others. In the circle stand two families with a handful of kids and teenagers, a few adults, state park employees, volunteers from the nonprofit Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC) to guide the kayaking trip, and the leaders of Latino Outdoors, a nonprofit devoted to connecting Latinos with nature.”

"S.F. makers design imaginative devices..." San Francisco Chronicle (September 11, 2015)

From the article: "Team members at the Bay Area Makeathon, Diane Poslosky, Oren Frey, Walter Hsiao, Bo Pollett and Elena Vanloo discuss[ed] their kayak project on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 in San Francisco, California." 

"Everyone should have the chance to spend time in nature" - Diane Poslosky, Executive Director, ETC

At a three/day makeathon [that] weekend, Tech teams [made] working prototypes of assistive devices that responds to the need of a specific person with a disability who is a member of the team."

"Environmental Traveling Companions: Medical challenges can't stop these intrepid adventurers," NBC Bay Area Open Road (July 14, 2015)

"Where to go whitewater rafting in California" Sonoma Index Tribune (May 26, 2015)

"California State Parks Recognizes Excellence in Employees and Partners" ETC honored with Dewitt Award for Partnership by California Department of Parks and Recreation, Divisions of Boating and Waterways, Historic Preservation and Off-Highway Vehicles (May 6, 2015)

KQED Forum Interview with ETC Executive Director, Diane Poslosky (Jul 3, 2012)

"Unique Adventures on the Bay," NBC Bay Area (November 10, 2011)

"On a cross-country trek to Yosemite Ski Hut," Special to The Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle (Sunday, March 8, 2009)

"Low Vision, High Adventure: Oakland VIPs Paddle the Bay," Bay Nature (October 1, 2006)

"Paddle Power: People of all abilities can take advantage of a breathtaking     way to view the bay," San Francisco Chronicle 2004 (December 3, 2004)

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