Alina Tully

Youth LEAD Program Coordinator

Alina (she/they) grew up in Contra Costa County taking long walks around the local neighborhood/parks and exploring the city every weekend with her family. They have always had an affinity for nature, but when they were taken camping and backpacking for the first time in college, they knew they had found an activity and space that would be incredibly important in their life.

They deepened their knowledge of both the outdoor industry and accessible recreation/education by studying Therapeutic Recreation and Exceptionality & Disability at Western Washington University. Alina is passionate about all of the various positive health impacts, mental and physical, time spent outside can have on both individuals and communities. Her dream has always been to work at a program that focuses on making outdoor recreation more accessible and equitable for other BIPOC folks, and when they found the Youth LEAD Program, it felt like a dream come true! Alina came to ETC in March 2023 as the Youth LEAD Program Associate, enjoying the summer assisting in running courses and leading a 14-day course.