ETC’s Impact

Changing ETC adventurer at a time!


Since 1972, ETC has offered life-changing programs to more than 103,000 participants, including people with visual or mobility impairments, developmental disabilities, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, and youth from underserved backgrounds. Our programs are made possible with the expertise and enthusiasm of hundreds of highly trained and dedicated volunteers, the resilient spirit of our amazing participants, and the generosity of foundations, government agencies, and individual donors like you.


Here's what our participants and partners have to say:

“The partnership between ETC and Civicorps has given us the ability to connect our corps members to the beauty and healing power of Mother Nature for over three decades now. These are life-changing experiences that are critical in creating healthier and well-rounded citizens and stewards of the environment.”

– Sergio Brambila, Civicorps Operations Coordinator

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