Corporate Match and Giving

Corporate Match and Giving

Event Sponsorship ETC offers special opportunities with great visibility for Corporations and Businesses to sponsor our Annual Gala at Cavallo Point Lodge, our ETC Challenge and other special events. It’s a win/win opportunity to promote your company to a supportive and philanthropic audience and support ETC’s mission to provide educational and transformational adventures to people of all abilities and under-resourced youth. Companies like OUM & CO Accounting, Prime Insurance, Harrison Investments, Patagonia and many others have joined ETC in making a difference. We encourage your business or company to join the ETC community and create access to the great outdoors and California’s rich natural resources.

Volunteer Hours Matching Program: ETC relies heavily on volunteers; some give as many as 500 hours per year! Find out if your employer has a volunteer hours matching program to match your hours and commitment by making a contribution to ETC! It’s a fantastic way to get your company involved.

Corporate Match: Donating to ETC? Your support will go even further if your company has a matching gift program. Make a donation and double your impact when your employer matches the gift. Some employers even match tax-deductible contributions made by retirees and employees’ spouses. Just fill out the employee section of your company’s matching gift form, then email it to ETC at



For questions or additional information about Corporate Match or Giving, please email