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Please check out the updated trip schedule to see where you can help out: Sea Kayak Trip Schedule

Contact the Sea Kayak Program Manager via email or phone (415-474-7662 ext. 13) to sign up for trips and get out on the water!


Skills Training

For more information on opportunities for current Guides to refresh and build skills as both sea kayakers and as outdoor educators see: Sea Kayak Skills Training



Information on Conditions

This National Weather Service site has excellent hourly conditions reports.

If you have a Mac, we recommend a free download of Ayes Tides for Mac for location-specific tides and currents predictions. If you have an iPhone or iPad, we recommend a download of Aye Tides, the equivalent program for your mobile device.


Talk Outlines

Want to remember what the Boat and Soft Gear Talk, Paddle Talk, and Safety Talk consist of?  Here are some cheat sheet refreshers!

ETC Boat and Soft Gear Talk Outline
ETC Paddle Talk Outline
• ETC Safety Talk Outline


Sea Kayak Guide Manual

The Guide Manual covers all the essential information you need to be a Guide on an ETC Sea Kayak Trip.  From policies to rescues, Guide roles to specific trip and equipment logistics, it’s all in here! PDF versions of each chapter are available here for online viewing or download at your convenience.

Chapter 1: ETC Organization Information
Chapter 2: Roles of Guides and Trip Leaders
Chapter 3: Sea Kayak Program Trips
Chapter 4: Policies and Procedures (revised 2023)
Chapter 5: Equipment
Chapter 6: Sea Kayak Skills
Chapter 7: Adaptive Sea Kayaking


Sea Kayak Program Education and Activities Manual

The Education and Activities Manual is packed full of resources you can use to provide educational and fun trips for your groups. This manual provides an overview of natural and human history, and includes instructions for many games and activities that can enhance your trip. This manual is designed to provide background information that complements the portable, laminated educational materials found at our field locations.

Download the Education and Activities Manual Here!


Skills Videos

If you’re feeling rusty, attending an ETC Skills Refresher is the best way to brush up on your kayaking hard skills.  If the timing doesn’t work out for that, or if you want to refresh your memory in advance of a Skills Refresher, the following videos provide great visualizations of key strokes and rescues that you should be comfortable with.

ETC Boat, Paddle, and Safety Talks (in English)
ETC Boat, Paddle, and Safety Talks (in Spanish)
• Forward Stroke (Focus on the low-angle touring stroke)
Back Stroke
Sweep Strokes
Low Brace
High Brace
Paddle Float Self Rescue
Assisted Rescues (Focus on the “side sit re-entry” method)
Heel Hook (Used in an assisted rescue)
Scramble Re-Entry


Sea Kayak Program Contact Information

  (Sea Kayak Program Manager)

Phone: 415-474-7662 ext. 13
Fax: 415-474-3919